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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions from the community about Skeetawk, Pioneer Ski Patrol & more.

Where is Skeetawk?

13500 N. Skeetawk Circle
Mile 10.6 Palmer-Fishhook Rd.
Palmer, AK 99645


Mailing: PO Box 924
Palmer, AK 99645

What is the minimum medical cert required to patrol?

With the introduction of Cat-Skiing increasing our total elevation over 300' patrollers MUST have a minimum certification as an EMT or NSP - OEC. For EMT's Skeetawk requires you also obtain your NSP - OEC certification within one year of joining as a patroller.

I used to have an EMT/NSP-OEC but it is lapsed/expired is that ok?

No; all patrollers must have current, active licenses / certifications to operate on mountain as a patroller.

How do I get more information on getting an OEC certification?

You can reference the "How to Join" section on the website for information on obtaining an OEC cert, as well as points of contact under the "Contact Us" section, for additional questions or concerns. 

Are there any meetings I can attend?

Depending on the position you are volunteering for, you will be informed by either the mountain manager, general manager, pioneer patrol director, or patrol manager which meetings you will need to attend.

How often do I have to be available to be a volunteer patroller? 

Each individual can be handled on a case-by-case basis, however the general assumption is to remain on as a volunteer patroller, you will show up for at least 10 shifts per season (~2 days a month).

How do I become a volunteer Patroller?

Please see the "How To Join" section on this website.

Can I patrol without medical certs?

Short answer; No. To operate on mountain as a patroller you must be certified as an EMT/NSP - OEC or higher. You may operate as a mountain safety volunteer or qualify in other positions, though.

What is an OEC?

Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) is National Ski Patrol's (NSP) formal level of medical certification for a standard of care to be able to be provided by patrollers within the US region. 

Who do I talk to, to become a volunteer patroller? 

You can reach out to the following people:

Can I be a volunteer patroller if I don't ski or snowboard well?

Your ability to ski or snowboard will be evaluated on mountain. Should you not meet certain criteria for ability to perform on mountain, your duties may be relegated to the base area with no expectation of working on the slopes.

Can I volunteer at Skeetawk in other ways than patrol? 

Absolutely! For Pioneer Ski Patrol there are positions for Patrollers as well as Mountain Safety Candidates. For a list of additional volunteering positions please see 

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