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How to Join Pioneer Ski Patrol



A Brief Introduction

For those looking to join Pioneer Ski Patrol there are several methods depending on your levels of medical certifications and/or licensing as well as your level of skiing / snowboarding. 

To submit an application to, please fill out the Skeetawk Mountain Safety Program Application Form.

For active NSP - OEC members with proof of active OEC, CPR, and ICS-100 Certifications, please email directly with copies of your certs as well as a filled out application form (linked above). Your skiing / snowboarding abilities will be evaluated prior to being allowed to patrol on-mountain.

For those with EMT Certifications, Paramedic Licenses, or the following licenses: M.D./D.O., PA/NP, RN, or LPN you will qualify to patrol so long as you have ICS-100 and up to date CPR Certs. You will be assessed for your skiing / snowboarding capabilities prior to being given any on-hill responsibilities. Please note: it is still strongly encouraged that you acquire your OEC certification as to act within NSP guidelines.

For those with no medical training, limited experience, or lower level of care certifications such as WFA, AWFA, WFR, or EMR you will need to follow the steps listed below. For WFR/EMR (excluding WMI Issued WFR) you have the ability to challenge the OEC course; additional instructions listed below. You will also be able to challenge the OEC test with any of the higher levels of care listed above. For WFA, AWFA you will need to either obtain a more advanced certification to challenge the OEC written / practical exam, or take the OEC class to obtain your OEC cert. 

For Mountain Safety Volunteers, your only requirements are adequate skiing / snowboarding abilities and a positive attitude and a willingness to help.

National Ski Patrol - Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Certification

This Certification can be achieved by either taking the NSP OEC Class/Course, or by challenging the written/practical exam with previous medical certifications & experience which can include the following:

  • Those who hold active WFR/EMR certifications will be required to take the written & practical OEC exam to successfully challenge the course.

    • Please note: as of 2023, WFR Certs issued by WMI are no longer accepted as a valid cert for the OEC challenge.​

  • Those who hold the following active certifications/licenses will be allowed to challenge the OEC with only the skills portion; the written will not be required.

    • ​EMT, NREMT, PM, NRPM, M.D./D.O., PA/NP, RN, or LPN


Additional Certifications

  • CPR Certification (First-Aid/AED/BLS)

    • This will need to be current, and renewed yearly under NSP guidelines​

  • FEMA ICS-100 Certification


Registering with NSP

  • Create an account with the Nation Ski Patrol

  • Register with NSP

    • Patrol Code for Pioneer Patrol / Skeetawk: A017

      • Patrol: Pioneer

      • Region: South Central Region Alaska

      • Division: ALASKA

      • Patrol Rep: George Hoden

    • Join the Roster as a candidate or associate depending on your existing level of medical certifications & care.

      • Contact your Patrol/Host Unit Representative with your name, email, and member ID to be placed on a roster.

      • You will also need provide a copy of your ICS-100, CPR, and OEC or active medical certifications or licenses to your Patrol/Host Unit Representative for cataloging.

    • Pay your member dues on the NSP website


OEC Course & OEC Challenege Information

Please reach out to Pioneer Patrol for more information regarding OEC challenge dates, or Course availability. These classes and tests are generally held in fall prior to the ski-season and require an advanced amount of planning with OEC certified instructors, the patrol division, and engagement from the community. Please note: official registration for these events will be on the NSP website through the “Center For Learning”.

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Still Have Questions?

Please feel free to reach out to 

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